Troy Tech


After the shut down of the Schmidding Tankbau in Hannover & CologneGermany, one of the world leaders for manufacturing of Storage & Fermentation Tanks, TROY Tech Ltd. took over one complete production line and was able to employ the key staff of Schmidding for the Technical Sales, Engineering and Production.

Using over 100 years of Experience & Tradition, going with the same philosophy, the same understanding of Quality and under the positive influence of the former Schmidding staff, we are manufacturing any size of Storage & Fermentation Tanks in our plant or at the location of erection.
Using special designed and mobile production machinery & equipment, Troy Tech is specialized in assembling tanks direct at the jobsite in case of non-transportable tank sizes or uneconomical transport prices.

In all respects, Troy Tech continues the successful story of a former world leader in its sector.