Group's first company EMSA Energy and Engineering Systems Co. Inc., is established in 1987 and has developed its activity in Turkey in the sphere of realization of projects of natural gas distribution and pipeline installations,assembling of gas pressure reducing and metering stations, gas treatment facilities and other industrial gas conversion projects.

As a leading company in this field, the company, had been renamed as EMSAGAZ Energy and Engineering Systems Co. Inc., as of 1991.

Emsagaz has completed and commissioned many industrial projects together with natural gas pipelines and distribution networks as a General Contractor for majority of industrial factories producing cement, glass and glass production, iron and steel, as well as textile and auto car production plants in Turkey.

In 1992 EMSAGAZ expanded its activity to Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia, where it executed contracts for construction of residential houses for military in 36 towns realized by Turkish, Korean and German contractors. EMSAGAZ executed contracts for installation of mechanical systems and steel structures in the total amount of USD 26Mio.